Campground Rules:
  • All campers must sign a liability waiver before entering the premises regardless of your intended activity. 
  • Please do not block any driveways, trails, or vehicles in any way.
  • Speed Limit is “extra slow” while on the property.
  • We practice Leave No Trace Ethics. Please bag and dispose of trash in the cans provided. 
  • Water faucets and electrical outlets are available on the side of the metal building. Please keep your water usage to a minimum. 
  • Firewood– in established piles are for sale at $5/arm load, otherwise it is free for the picking.  Do not cut down trees or branches on property or of neighboring properties.
  • Camp fires must be in the rings provided.  NEVER leave a fire unattended and extinguish before turning in for the night or leaving premises. 
  • Do not burn trash, plastic, or anything other than local wood, limbs, and leaves.
  • Call 911 if the fire gets out of control in any way.
  • Do not relocate rocks or fire pits
  • Quiet Time– is from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m.
  • Respect your fellow climbers/campers/hikers.  No loud noises, foul language, or offensive behavior will be tolerated.
  • Children– Parents or caregivers are responsible for children at all times.  Please do not leave children unattended.
  • Dogs– are permitted on site.  Please clean up after your dog and do not leave your animal unattended or you will be asked to leave.
  • Insurance/Theft– We are not responsible in the unlikely case of theft, nor for any damage caused by natural causes (i.e. trees/limbs falling). All activities on the premises are done at the individual’s free will and The Dogwood LLC will not be responsible for injury to guests for the loss of money/valuables of any kind.
  • No smoking– in any/all buildings and restrooms.  Please do not throw butts on the ground.
  • Alcohol Policy– TN legal drinking age is 21, this law will be enforced. No open display of alcoholic beverages while on the premises. Please, no glass bottles and just be respectful of the family friendly atmosphere. 




Dogwood Climbing LLC and all management reserve the right to refuse service to anyone noncompliant with campground rules and regulations.  We also reserve the right to change Rules and Regulations at any time to protect the safety of all campers.  All activities in the campground are done at the individuals free will and Dogwood Climbing, LLC will not be responsible for accidents or injury to guests, or for loss of valuables of any kind.